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Pharma Biotech Consultants



We are an accomplished, dynamic and forward-thinking, strategic consulting group based in the greater NYC area.

Our Founders are senior executives with more than 30 years of experience in small, mid-size and big Pharma companies.

We have a record of success in developing drugs  leading to FDA/EMA/ROW approvals, particularly  in Hematology/Oncology, Ophthalmology.

Our partnerships with renowned pharmaco-economic experts, top-tier statistical and data mining experts gives us a strategic advantage to address customer needs in a world of ever-growing complexity.

Guide product development from discovery to commercialization, by helping formulate global and integrated development strategies, particularly in Hematology/Oncology, Ophthalmology and other therapeutic areas.


Help address complex cross-functional issues through early and effective integration of pharmaco-economic, clinical, regulatory and business strategies .


Help find innovative solutions by building valuable predictive models based on data mining enabling  to make relevant and informed business decisions.




We are specialized in tailored strategic advisory services. We provide our customers with strong scientific/business expertise in alliance  with  CHAD, Quinten, Elistat, our pharmaco-economic and data analytics partners.

Our focus is clinical/regulatory/business consulting for the Life Sciences/ Healthcare industry  with strong medical and scientific content.

We continue to build  a network of partners, key opinion leaders and experts.



Pharma Biotech Consultants will build with you original and creative solutions to thorny challenges through effective integration of clinical, regulatory and business strategies.

Services include:

Clinical Development and Medical Affairs

Regulatory Affairs


Business development


Drug safety

Data mining techniques may apply to clinical development, drug safety or business development.

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